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How can we collectively transform public education through the arts to create a better future for everyone?

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Hello from Jessica Mele

Name Jessica Mele
Date of conversation Thursday, March 8, 2012
Conversation Participants Sofia Fojas – SJUSD
Jo Sutton – Castro Valley HS
Leyna Lightman – SF MOMA
Wendi Bushehy – teaching artist
Jessica Mele – Alliance for ALL, Performing Arts Workshop, TAO
Meeting Topics? Teaching Artists, Teachers, integrated systems for arts education, public education.
Where are we now? Share key takeaways arts integration is good, but arts need to not be marginalized as it is now.

art carts, not art rooms

Where should we go, and why? Share key takeaways
* collaboration among teaching artists, arts specialists, and classroom teachers at every school.
* deep and clear connections between arts community and school teachers and leaders.
* no more art carts!
* classroom teacher work that is visible to community (arts integration)
* clear communication at every level of education about what resources are available, what good work is happening.
* professionalized teaching artist field (health care, ladder of expertise, training, etc.)
* artists are connected to schools multi-year.
* art is mandated at the elementary level.
* we would have an organized system of arts education (// el systema)
How Should we get there? Share key takeaways * Common language and vision for communicating with stakeholders.
* Regional resource, office or staff to coordinate programs and resources in arts education.
* Rally communities to demand quality, equitable arts education for all students.
* Teaching artists – make connections to other models like the freelancer’s union.
* Parents are our target audience.
* Exhibiting student work in community.

One Comment on “Hello from Jessica Mele”

  1. Ann Wettrich says:

    Great synthesis of what is needed….thinking systemically about how to cultivate education transformation through the arts and integrating teaching artists strategically, cohesively and sustainably into this mix. Building on ideas from Louise’s conversation recommending a mapping of connections–I think it would be good to make VISUAL MAPS of all the component parts that make up the whole for regenerative public education at a school, community, district and regional, state and national levels. We could all use these maps as resources to better understand and visualize where and how our work is fitting into the whole.