This is the online stream for sharing conversations that happened throughout the Greater Bay Area from March through June 2012 around the question:

How can we collectively transform public education through the arts to create a better future for everyone?

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Hello from Katie Bartholomew

Name Katie Bartholomew
Date of conversation Thursday, March 8, 2012
Conversation Participants Katie Bartholomew
Pam Chang
John Broussard
Laura Abrams
Meeting Topics? How to get the arts directly to the students in our communities.
Where are we now? Share key takeaways We are documenting what is being done, i.e. data, visual, etc. We are also starting to work on pre-engaging students.
Where should we go, and why? Share key takeaways We need to continue to document and assess the students with the arts so that we can "tell the story." We also need to find new ways to engage students.
How Should we get there? Share key takeaways Find ways to connect with other arts organizations, working artists and community members to discuss possible options of where to head.
Next Steps? Communicate this to government officials, foundations, school administrators, and parents.