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How can we collectively transform public education through the arts to create a better future for everyone?

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Hello from Robin Mencher

Name Robin Mencher
Date of conversation Thursday, March 8, 2012
Conversation Participants Our small group from a school in Oakland, the Ballet, KQED, and ACOE
Jessie Wick, Alliance
Chip McNeal, SF Ballet
Carolyn Carr, Alliance
Atiba Thoma, East Oakland Leadership Academy
Robin Mencher, KQED
Meeting Topics? Transforming arts ed in a school
Transforming the conversation around the role of arts in education
School leadership’s role in supporting arts in schools – how to do it
Where are we now? Share key takeaways – example of East Oakland Leadership Academy
– people who have passion about teaching and learning with the arts
– role of arts educators taking on the responsibilities of teaching arts, not always integrated by all teachers
Where should we go, and why? Share key takeaways – common language to help us reveal our passions
– take our collective talents and teach from the heart – everyone shares out and uses the artistic mind – ways of knowing
– embracing the vibrant role of the arts in learning everything
How Should we get there? Share key takeaways – integrated learning specialist program 🙂
– district-wide principal leadership meetings to develop buy in about the value and crucial importance of arts (principals for the arts)
– connect schools to professional learning for school faculties
– central office/superintendent buy in
Next Steps? Share out with one person we know who is not in this room about what we talked about today.

Think about who you most want to facilitation a conversation with next – group


2 Comments on “Hello from Robin Mencher”

  1. Ann Wettrich says:

    Agree on all counts! Your conversation sparked another idea for mapping the common language resources and tools we find valuable in implementing quality art and art integrated education. Providing RESOURCE LINKS to information about these tools and resources…how to learn more about them; and possibly documentation info about how and where they’re being successfully used so an interested school, teacher or superintendent could easily access and utilize. Ideas that come to mind: Open ended, inquiry based frameworks, protocols and resources that support and help to frame arts learning in relationship to education goals, i.e. Teaching for Understanding, Expeditionary Learning, Visual Thinking Strategies, Design Thinking, Aesthetic Education, Studio Thinking Framework, KQED’s Spark, Gude’s Principles of Possibility and Spiral Art Education resource website, TED-ED talks, Art 21, etc.

  2. […] education, but also demonstrating it. People have shared great stories about programs such as the East Oakland Leadership Academy, whose teachers are “people who have passion about teaching and learning with the arts,” and […]