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How can we collectively transform public education through the arts to create a better future for everyone?

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Hello from susan wolf

Name susan wolf
Date of conversation Thursday, March 8, 2012
Conversation Participants Laurie Loftus, Julie Fry, Amy Rosenbaum, Susan Wolf, Shannon Dahnert
Meeting Topics? experiences, barriers and opportunities today in education, in arts integration, in the lives of families, communities and organizations
Where are we now? Share key takeaways We need to demand administrators and school boards value arts integration.
There is a lack of understanding -what is arts integration and why is it a positive value?
There is an unevenness in arts content school vs. school – district vs. district – state vs. state.
Mills Scholars Program connects university learning with educators in training with ideas and skills of arts integration.
We are struggling but, there is momentum.
We are nurturing attempts and valuing the work that is being done.
Trying to make a strong message
Where should we go, and why? Share key takeaways Arts Integration is an important value for humans.
Every school, every grade support and value for inclusion of visual and performing arts integrated into learning into what is valued
Want consistent funding so we do not need to write grants and cobble together programs each year.
How Should we get there? Share key takeaways Summer PD for the development of arts integration units resulting in easy lesson plans.
Funding that is consistent with a 3 and 5 year plan for administrators to build and value programs.
More arts coaches
Post successful projects and work that shows arts integration and demonstration vs display. Shows assessment that is tied to visual work – reflection.
Next Steps? Include colleges, new teachers, training.
Form inquiry communities
More communication
Share the vision.
What are the 3 goals?

4 Comments on “Hello from susan wolf”

  1. susan says:

    the day after I have already had some additional thoughts…
    Please, translate the page with conversation starting prompts into several additional languages most commonly spoken at home. Then, make it widely available.
    And, remind me. Can the conversataion in a box document be found as a pdf on this site?
    Just starting to think about the how and when of bringing the conversation to school sites I am involved with. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Susan! Interesting idea about the translations. Let’s definitely explore opportunities to make that happen.

    You can find the conversation in a box document by clicking on the right hand side bar menu, conversations in a box.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Louise Music says:

    Susan ~
    Would you have a top 2-3 languages you would like CinB translated to? And thank you soooo much for Friday. You are doing great work at Jefferson. The Sacramento leaders were impressed and referred back to the San Lenadro work all day.

  4. susanwolfprojects says:

    oops – did not see this message stream until today.
    Languages: Spanish and Mandarin and… what is third most common lang. in the county school system?
    How much longer is this conversation building? Is there time remaining to organize conversations with school communities for whom eng. is a second language?