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How can we collectively transform public education through the arts to create a better future for everyone?

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Thoughts from Eric Engdahl

I love the comments and reports from the meetings. I do note, however, the absence of any discussion of race, racial inequality, or the achievement gap for young males of color.

5 Comments on “Thoughts from Eric Engdahl”

  1. carolynscarr says:

    Yes, Eric I agree and have something to add here about the conversation I had
    in San Francisco at Cal Academy of Sciences. As wonderful as our meeting was
    it was also incredibly disappointing to see yet another room full of white women. Okay
    there was one Latino man.

  2. lmusic says:

    I wonder what we can all do to include youth in this conversation? I will ask the AHA teachers to involve students there. Also, tomorrow we are meeting with LaShaun and Chris Johnson from Question Bridge: Black Males Talking About Race. I will ask them how we can connect these conversations.

  3. I agree this is an important issue.

  4. kerikevich says:

    When I arrive at OYC, I’ll invite the Youth Council Coordinator to connect on this – and hopefully learn from your conversations over the next few weeks!

  5. Ann Wettrich says:

    Trying again to post this link and recommend the Question Bridge video installation
    currently on view at the Oakland Museum: