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Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement | Edutopia

To follow up on Jennyann’s previous post.  Not surprisingly students’ answers include connecting classroom work to their lived lives,  student choice and an instructor who loves what they’re teaching.


A while back, I was asked, “What engages students?” Sure, I could respond, sharing anecdotes about what I believed to be engaging, but I thought it would be so much better to lob that question to my own eighth graders. The responses I received from all 220 of them seemed to fall under 10 categories, representing reoccurring themes that appeared again and again. So, from the mouths of babes, here are my students’ answers to the question: “What engages students?”

Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement | Edutopia.



One Comment on “Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement | Edutopia”

  1. Kids Speak Out! Yes they do, and yes they can, when we allow them. I enjoyed the responses of your 8th graders, and I’m sure they enjoyed it to.