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connected learning

I watched all 6 minutes of this video which is double the time I generally last. It is beautiful.

I found it from following Howard Reingold on twitter. He speaks locally about participatory learning using open source and linked interests using social media tools and on-line platforms. He teaches at Stanford and Cal. He was an original participant in the well, the first community of folks discussing things (very slowly by todays standards) via online posts – a very early version of email.

One of his posts took me to the Connected Learning site which is thick with webinars and case studies and the video I share above. Connected Learning works to re-imagine the experience of education in the information age. I poked around a bit and I like what I see. It decided it was worth signing up for their weekly email. I think it is an important platform for learning best practices for on-line content and collaborative learning. See what you think.

Learning Principles:


Academically oriented


Design Principles:

Shared purpose


Openly networked

Core Values:


Social connection

Full participation